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DS9, or Camelot as we call it, has a unique blend of personnel, with the increased amount of visitors here, we found it necessary to use two compliments of crews, one specifically to the station and one assigned to the U.S.S. Pendragon. When the Pendragon is not on assignment both crews work together on the station.

We've listed the NPC (Non Player Character) of the station on the roster to help us with the role play.  If those characters were not part of the story, DS9 would just not be as interesting.  Diversity is of importance on the station.

Click on the pips of the person you wish to see details on, and a window will open with the information.

Note that if you are a player and your name is in dark grey, and your pip has been replaced by a red "X" it means you have to contact either the Captain or the XO before you get deleted. Click here for more details on pips and status.

Captain Commanding Officer JB Minuet Human
Lt. Commander Executive Officer Rob Chew Human
Vacant Chief of Operations    
Colonel Station Manager Kira Nerys Bajoran 
  - - - -
-- - - - -
Vacant Station Security Chief
Lieutenant Security Officer Thomas Riker Human 
Lt. Junior Grade Security Officer Lasara Vel Joined Trill
Vacant Security Officer
Lt. Junior Grade Chief Tactical Officer Jake McLeod Human  
Lt. Junior Grade Tactical Officer Alan Reller Human
  Vacant Tactical Officer    
Vacant Tactical Officer    
Vacant Chief of Engineering    
Lieutenant Engineering Officer Ro Laren Bajoran
Lt. Junior Grade Engineering Officer Nog Ferengi
Vacant Engineering Officer    
  Vacant Chief Science Officer
Lt. Junior Grade Science Officer Samatha Wildman Human
Vacant Science Officer    
  Vacant Science Officer - -
Lt. Commander Chief Medical Officer Julian Bashir Human 
  Vacant Medical Officer    
Ensign Medical Officer Lakesh Meru Bajoran
Lieutenant Station Counselor Ezri Dax Trill 
Vacant Asst. Counselor    
Civilian Roving Reporter Jake Sisko Human 
Civilian Guardian of the Orb Kai Lenj'ar Bajoran 
Civilian Bar "Fly" Morn Lurian
Civilian Cadet - 2nd year Naomi Wildman Human/Ktarian
Civilian Bar Manager Quark Ferengi