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Personal History:
Romanov grew up in a small village in Siberia. Her family was relocated during the pogroms of the Stalin era and intermarried with the local population. Her family has a history of either joining the Star Fleet Marines or training military forces for cold weather survival. She joined the Marines and trained as a Medic after the start of the Cardassian war. Her unit was a Recon unit and saw a fair amount of the conflict. Her unit was captured during the final weeks of the war and only 4 people survived the prisoner of war camp. It was during her rehabilitation that her counselor inspired her to become a counselor herself.. But after a few years, she reconsidered her options and decided to go back to medical school. She went through medical school at Star Fleet Medical and was posted back to DS9.

Father: Peter Romanov. Pilot and guide.
Mother: Marta Romanov. Tech specialist and guide.
Brothers: Vitaly, Starfleet Intelligence, and Pavlov, marine drill instructor. 
Sister: Natasha. Combat specialist and pilot . (all living... Rare on this station)

Savate, Yoga, and Classic Kendo. She likes to work on various meditation techniques.

Personal traits:
Extremely loyal, Tenacious and compassionate.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion: Fair
Height: (1.72 meters)
Weight: (68 kilos)
Hair length: Shoulder length
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue

Starfleet History:
Joined the Fleet Marine Corps at 25.
After Basic Training in the Granddaddy of all Marine training facilities ( Paris Island) she was shipped off to Alpha Centauri for Medic training and was third in her class of Corpsmen.
Her Wartime record was mentioned above.

After she was cleared to return to duty .. She applied for entry into Starfleet Medical and was accepted. She had difficulties with the Course work but with help from some of her classmates she graduated. ( hey she went to the local community college in east zambuie Siberia) Her Internships were her proving ground.

Prior to her service on this Station, She was the Family counselor on the Jupiter base.. for some reason she wanted to get away from the technical types at the refit base. (hiding from tech nerds)

Her superiors thought this posting would be appropriate for someone of her talents.

Current Assignment:
- DS9 Station. Chief Medical Officer. Current rank: Lieutenant.

Previous Assignment:
- DS9 Station. Counselor aboard the station. Rank: Lieutenant.