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Personal History:
Born On Earth in Key West, Florida, her Father, after the death of her mother, moved them to The New Salem Colony, shortly after she was born. They Lived at the New Salem Colony until she was orphaned at age 12, by a Cardassian raiding party. Rescued by Klingons, and having no other family, she was taken in by Clin'Gan, one of her rescuers. She live with him and his family intil she was sent to Sa'K'Paht Klingon Paramilitary Academy on Troxeritak V. She has Completed the same training as any Klingon warrior would be required to complete, but because of her Human heritage was not officially recognized as such. After completing her training she served as a Yeoman on the IKC DaHar. Because she was generally not accepted by the Klingon crew, she decided to Enter Starfleet Academy. Because of changing views and a tolerance of outsiders, later she would be bestowed the honor of Warrior. Is Currently a member, in good standing, of the house of K'Paht. K'Paht adopted her into their family through ceremonial procedures. Also considered to be a honory member to the House of Martok, having met General ( Now chancellor ) Martok at the Klingong Academy, and again while competing in a bat'leth competiton at Forcas III. She impressed him by defeating several "true" Klingons in hand to hand combat, and he found her devotion to the Klingon way, exemplarily.

Father: J.F. Minuet- Scientist, Special fields: Microbiology, and Terraforming (deceased ) Killed at New Salem Colony during a Cardassian Raid
Mother: Carolyn M. Minuet Scientist, Special Fields, Zoology, and Terraforming (deceased) Died in childbirth.
Both maternal and paternal grandparents were killed during the Klingon Federation war.

Married: Dr. Julian Bashir 1 Child.Julian Raibeart Minuet-Bashir 5 lbs 7 ounces Born Stardate 200701.01

Married: Lt. Thomas Riker 1 Child Thomas Christian Minuet-Riker 8lbs. 5 Onces Born Stardate 200612.25.

Continues Her Training in Klingon Martial Arts. Has interest in Ancient Earth Cultures, such as Music, Art, and History. Also enjoys Programing Holodeck adventures.

Personal traits:
Has Klingon tendencies. After being orphaned at age 12 She was sent to Sa'K'Paht Klingon Para-Military Academy on Troxeritak V. Because of her Klingon connection, Minuet is Very Loyal, Honest, somewhat hot tempered, and extremely hard working. She has served the Federation for a total of 32 Years, and had the distinction of being one of the youngest Admirals, at age 39, to serve Starfleet.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion : Fair
Height : 5'7"
Weight: 128 lbs
Hair length : Short
Hair color : Auburn
Eye color : Hazel
Age: 47

Starfleet History:
Major Area of Study : Command.
Minor Area of Study : Security.
Cadet Cruise : None. *Special Notation, Please see Personal History for more information.

School Attended:
From age 12-16 attended Sa'K'Paht Klingon Paramilitary Academy. Entered Starfleet Academy at age 17. Graduated 4 years later in the upper 15% of her class. Studied Command procedures, and ship piloting. Decided to go back for the summer and took more classes at the Academy this time graduating with honors in Weapons and Security. Specializing in Tactical Warfare, and Sharpshooting.

Current Assignment:
- DS9 Station: Replacement for the deceased Captain Sisko.

Previous Assignment(s):
- Cadet Cruise : Served as an Ensign on board the IKC DaHar. Was requested to serve their by The Klingon Captain Clin'Gan. * Special Notation, see personal history for more information.
- USS Odyssey 71834. Promoted to Lt. J/G Served as a security Officer for 3 years. Was promoted to Lieutenant during her service there.
- USS Repulse 2544. Began as security officer but after 1 year was promoted to Lieutenant Commander ,after an incident involving the Romulans, she was Decorated For performance above and beyond the call of duty, and given the position Of Assistant XO Night Watch Commander. Served there for 4 years.
- USS Hornet 10523. Was promoted to Commander. Fought at Wolf 359. Was presented with Commendations for Valor and Bravery. Served with distinction. Was Decorated again for going above and beyond the call of duty. Served for 3 years.
- USS Excalibur 26517 - Was promoted to Captain and given her first ship. Commanded for 5 years. The Excalibur 26517 was destroyed in a battle with the Jem Hadar.
- Starbase Valhalla - Promoted to field admiral and stationed at Starbase Valhalla for the duration of the Cardassian Jem Hadar Founder War. Was also given Temporary Command of the USS Excalibur NCC 70947 -A.
- USS Excalibur NCC 70947-A The Prometheus Class was still in experimental stages, it had capabilities that exceed most other vessels, at the time. After an incident involving a Jem Hadar battle, Starfleet, and in particular Admiral Edward Jellico, decided boundaries were crossed, and a demotion to captain followed. Complete details of the incident are now classified. After a two year trial, Excalibur was decommissioned for extensive studies.