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A/R - Docking Control Cabin: Room where some of the monitoring for the docking system is done.
M/N/O/B - Docking Ring Airlock/Primary Docking Ring Airlock/Upper and Lower docking Pylon: Area of the space station where various ship can make exchange of passengers and/or cargo and repairs.
C - Sensor Array: Collection of sensors located in the upper part of the antenna.
D - Subspace Antenna: Used for most of the station's communication need.
E - Deflector: Indented grid work from which the deflector shields are projected.
F - Tractor Emitter: Device that emits a tractor beam.
H - Promenade: Section used by merchants, religious establishments, schools, holosuites, and many others.
I - Security: Section of the ship where the security detail works from. Also contains cells for prisoners.
J - Quark's Bar: Restaurant and recreational facility.
K - Defence Sail: CLASSIFIED.
L - Reaction Control Thrusters: Used to move the station around if necessary.
P - Power Transfer Conduit: Conduit through which energized plasma is transferred from the warp core to various systems.
Q - Fusion Reactor: Power generator that operates by the nuclear fusion of deuterium and tritium into heavier atoms.