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The following information is for those wanting to bring in an already existing ship from another game.

Guidelines for formatting your ship to our game.

Below I have provided an outline of the requirements, and then a more detailed section on each. Please review them carefully.

The Basics:

  • Training period for at least two crew members
  • Signing up to Topica
  • Probation period for the first mission
  • Both the ship name and the ship web site must be approved.
All rules and regulations must be adhered to.

Rule #1 - The CO and one other person from that ship must play on the station for no less than four weeks and no longer than six weeks. This is required as a training period to be sure everyone from the ship are familiar with our method of playing. The two people training will need to create a character for the station in one of following fields: Engineering, Science, Security, or Medical.

* Note: At least six people are needed to form a ship, so keep this in mind when bringing in your crew.

Rule #2 - After the training period on the ship is complete, then the ship and all of its crew members will be allowed to participate. The crew will need to sign up on our current topica mailing list. Instructions for signing up will be provided.

Rule #3 - A probationary period of not less than six weeks, and not more than eight weeks will be required of each new ship. Once the probation period has ended, then the new ship may link to the main site.

Rule #4 - Those of who would like to, or are already currently using other alien races such as Klingon, Bajoran or Vulcan, can do so, however there will be no non Federation aligned ships allowed. This means No Borg, Vorta, Jem Hadar or any other race that is not considered part of the Federation or a close ally.

Rule #5 - The name of the ship must be approved. We would like it to fit in with our theme. A list of pre approved names can be provided upon request

Rule #6 - Someone from the crew will be responsible for creating and maintaining the ship site. Assistance in creating it will be provided upon request. ALL ship sites must be approved, again we would like them to follow the theme we have created.

Rule #7 - Failure to follow ANY of these rules, can lead to both a crew member or members being dismissed and the removal of a ship.

* A Note here, an observer will be randomly checking in on the ship missions to insure that everyone is playing properly, and that if rules are being broken, the proper actions can be taken.