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From DS9 to Camelot to Pendragon - All you need to know.

The following pages will cover everything you need to know to begin participating in this role playing game. We will cover the history, creating characters, guidelines to playing, and the basics of how we play. I strongly recommend you read through all sections, even if you are an experienced player. This section has been created for your benefit, to help make you a better player.


This RPG ( Role Playing Game ) Will take place at Deep Space Nine, after the death of Captain Sisko, and the re-emergence of the wormhole. Since this never actually occurred, we are heading into some undefined territory. The war is over, and we do know Voyager has returned. This gives us the opportunity to combine many different elements, and a chance to be more creative. Many things here will be familiar, though some names are changed. DS9 is usually referred by us as Camelot. You are probably asking yourself why we call it Camelot. Well Camelot is a legend, the end of one era, and the beginning of another. We like to think this is true OF DS9. As with the station the Defiant also has a new name. We call her the U.S.S. Pendragon, swift, tough, and ready for action. Captain Sisko would be proud. You will also recognize many faces here, such as Quark, or Dr. Bashir. These characters will be used as NPC's ( See creating character 's for more information ). We believed it would be a friendlier place if new comers were able to see familiar faces. You will also see the crew of the Pendragon here. ( When they are not on assignment ). Now that you know a little about us, come aboard and learn more, explore this area, and hopefully you will be intrigued enough to want to join us. If you have questions or comments, a contact link is provided. Thank You, and enjoy your visit.