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Creating a character:

Step 1


There are many races to choose from, too many to list here. When choosing a race please become familiar with their looks and customs, this influences how your character behaves.

Here are some Do's and Don'ts.

Do choose a character that will be interesting for you to play. Consider a character that fits the position you have chosen (For instance Klingons do not make good Counselors).

Don't choose Super Characters ("Q" for example) or use Shape Shifters (Odo for instance) because these characters can be confusing for others. Don't choose characters that are half and half (For instance half human half Klingon) without prior aproval. These characters are much more difficult to play, and are also confusing to other players. It's hard to know how a half and half may react. (An example would be a Vulcan/Human, when someone tells a joke, will he laugh or not see the logic in it.) If you have a character in mind and are unsure if it will be a good one to play, please contact the CO (Commanding Officer) or the XO (Executive Officer), they will be happy to assist you.

Step 2

Once you are accepted, and you join a crew you will be required to complete a PIF (Personal Information File). A sample PIF is provided below. (Be creative, give information about your character that describes what kind of person they are. Remember to write as if someone was describing you. You are writing about someone else... Your character.)

Name: Minuet
Rank: Captain
Position: Commanding Officer
Age: 39
Race: Human
Place of Birth: Earth
Home Planet: Klingon home world
Current assignment: DS9 Station, Captain.

Personal History: Shortly after she was born on Earth, her Father moved. They Lived at New Salem Colony until she was orphaned at age 12. She was sent to Sa'K'Paht Klingon Paramilitary Academy on Troxeritak V. She completed the same training as any Klingon warrior would be required to complete. Her Human heritage was not recognized as such. She currently is a member of the house of K'Paht in good standing. K'Paht adopted her into their family through ceremonial procedures.

Family : (Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, etc...) Father, J.F. Minuet Scientist (deceased) Killed at New Salem Colony. Mother, Carolyn M. Minuet (deceased) Died in childbirth.

Hobbies : Continues Her Training in Klingon Martial Arts. Has interest in Ancient Earth Culture, and Programs Holodeck adventures.

Personal traits : Has Klingon tendencies. After being orphaned at age 12 She was sent to Sa'K'Paht Klingon Para-Military Academy on Troxeritak V. Has Completed the same training as any Klingon warrior would be required to complete, But because of her Human heritage is not recognized as such. Because of her Klingon disposition Minuet is Very Loyal, Honest, somewhat hot tempered, and extremely hard working. She has served the Federation for a total of 20 Years, and had the distinction of being one of the youngest Admirals, at age 39, to serve Starfleet.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 Lbs
Hair length: Short
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Hazel

Starfleet History:
Major Area of Study: Command.
Minor Area of Study: Security.
Cadet Cruise: None. *note here; she served with the Klingons before entering Starfleet they do not have "cadet" Cruises.*

Previous Assignment(s):
- Cadet Cruise : None. *note here; she served with the Klingons before entering Starfleet they do not have "cadet" Cruises.*
- U.S.S. Odyssey 71834. Served as a security Officer for 6 years. Was promoted to Lieutenant during her service there.
- U.S.S. Repulse 2544. Began as security officer but after 1 year was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, For performance above and beyond the call of duty, and given the position Of Assistant XO Night Watch Commander. Served there for 2 years.
- U.S.S. Hornet 10523. Was promoted to Commander. Fought in the Klingon/Federation war. Was presented with Commendations for Valor and Bravery. Served with distinction. Was Decorated again for going above and beyond the call of duty. Served for 3 years.
- U.S.S. Excalibur 2617 - Was promoted to Captain and given her first ship. Commanded for 5 years. The Excalibur 2617 was destroyed in a battle with the Jem Hadar.
- U.S.S. Excalibur NCC 70947-A The Prometheus Class is still in experimental stages, it has capabilities that exceed most other vessels. After a two year trial it was decommissioned for extensive studies.

Current Assignment:
- DS9 Station, will be replacing the recently deceased Captain Sisko.

Schools Attended : From age 12-17 attended Sa'K'Paht Klingon Paramilitary Academy. Entered Starfleet Academy at age 17. Graduated 4 years later in the upper 5% of her class. Decided to go back for the summer and took another class at the Academy this time graduating in Security.

Guidelines for playing:

This sim (simulation) uses the script style format. We use different symbols to show things such as action, thoughts, and locations. Examples and explanations of these symbols are included below.

Writing a post: From the start to the end.

To begin a post you use the word "ON" in this manner: (Remember double spacing should be used between dialog lines for ease of reading.)

ON: (Begin post here)

To say something, out of context of the mission post, use the word "OFF" This can be used to leave a message or a comment. Most of the time it's used to end a post.

OFF: (End post here)

Each post should end with a signature. This way we know who wrote it. Create a unique personal signature for yourself, and add it to the bottom of each post.  It should contain your character name, rank, position, race and the name of the ship you are on followed by the number id of the ship.

/+\ Nadia Matroshka /+\
Lieutenant Commander
Ship's Counselor
U.S.S. This Ship NCC-12345


The carats,  <<   >>  are used to indicate where you are.

<< On the Promenade >>

The asterisks, * * are used to show actions, and give descriptions. Actions and descriptions should be written in the third person.

*He fired his phasor*. *She looked so nice in her new uniform*.

Parenthesis, ( ) are used to make a comment, or as a translation for other languages.

He was not in a good mood; (I wouldn't be either if I were in the brig). qIm tera'ngnan!! (Klingon, meaning pay attention Earthling).

The Plus signs, + + are used to indicate that the comm badge is being used to communicate with someone not in the same place.

SuD'ong: (on the bridge) * taps comm badge * "Gadelle, do you have the readings?"
Gadelle: (In Engineering) + Yes, I have them here as requested.+

The Backslashes, \\ \\ are used for ship to ship communications.

SuD'ong: \\Hyperion to Excalibur\\
Minuet: \\Minuet here, How can I help?\\

Brackets, [ ] are used to indicate telepathic readings.

Troi: Yes, they are happy, [feels overwhelming joy].

"Non-Player Characters":

To use a character that is not actually playing, use the letters NPC. Which means Non Playing Character. Usual names are Mr. Red shirt (for those in command) Mr. Yellow shirt (for those in security and engineering) and Mr. Blue shirt (for those in science and medical). On Camelot certain NPC's have already been provided for your use. They are indicated on the crew roster. You are free to use them in your posts.

SuD'ong: Ensign Blue shirt (NPC), report to sickbay.

"Active Non-Player Characters":

We are also trying something new, we are adding ANPC, or Active Non Playing Characters. These will be assigned to new players ( upon request ) for them to use on a temporary basis so they may learn how to play before developing a permanent character.

Quark: (ANPC) Now where have all my Dabo girls gone.

Special notation: When using an ANPC you will need to include it in your signature.

+++ Quark +++
DS9 Quarks bar


Personnel are required to post at least once per week. If you are unable to post (i.e. on vacation, etc.), please contact the Captain or the XO and let them know, so you will not be penalized!

Department Head responsibilities:
  • Help new recruits in her/his department.
  • Keep the department postings within the mission limits.
  • Recommend players for promotions.
Mission's Story Line:

New Posts should stay on track with the current mission line, or be based on off-duty activities. DO NOT introduce a new story line without prior approval from the CO and XO! Sub-plots are acceptable, as long as they DO NOT interfere with the current mission, and they can be easily terminated if required by the CO or XO.


Promotions should be based on a number of factors:
  • How many times a person posts.
  • How well they interact with the rest of the crew.
  • If they adhere to the mission time line. (In the past we have noticed some seem to go into their own little world and don't stay on track within the mission.)

This is Star Trek, remember that. This isn't Star Wars, B5, Farscape, or any other Sci-fi show. Please refrain from using characters, ships, weapons, or aliens from these shows. Mr. Roddenberry created a great vision, there is plenty here for everyone. Let's honor his name and use what has been provided for us in the Star Trek Realm.