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Personal History:
Skrill Torvan was born on Cardassia V to his father, Selam Torvan, a military officer, and his mother, Mikla Torvan, a botanist. When Skrill turned five, they moved to Cardassia Prime; Selam had gotten a job offer and it was an excellent place to advance Skrill's education. Following the Cardassian tradition of choosing and studying one's life skill at a young age, Torvan studied botany from the age of six until the age of twenty-four.

At twenty-five, Skrill married a florist, Miza. They had one daughter, Zoral, and lived happily on Cardassia Prime for ten years. Then, when Skrill was thirty-five, the Dominion War began. When the Cardassians rebelled against the Dominion four years later, the Dominion responded in kind, and Skrill's wife and daughter were killed, his home destroyed, his lab leveled to the ground. And so, with nothing left to stay for, Skrill left Cardassia Prime. He became something of a smuggler, albeit not the most successful one.

While working for a Bolian smuggler, Jiiha, Skrill came into contact with a rare plant, a Krocton lotus, needed on the Hindrethi home world to end a plague. After stealing the plant, Skrill escaped the smugglers and moved to Deep Space 9. While living on Deep Space 9, Skrill was kidnapped by the smugglers, who had been searching for the plant. However, aided by his friendly acquaintance, a Mr. Victor Gray, Torvan escaped and the Hindrethi were aided by Starfleet.

Shortly afterward, Torvan began receiving mysterious gifts from an unknown donor. It turned out that his wife, Miza, alive but driven insane due to having to live with Zoral's corpse underground for an extended period, was giving the gifts. After a failed attempt on Skrill's life, Miza was committed to the Tihor Mental Institution on Bajor. Skrill visits her monthly, and currently runs a successful business as a florist on Deep Space 9.

Father: Selam Torvan, Cardassian Military (deceased). Killed in Maquis raid in Demilitarized Zone. Mother: Mikla Torvan, Botanist (deceased). Killed on Cardassia Prime by a heart attack. Daughter: Zoral Torvan, Student (deceased). Starved to death after trapped underground during Dominion withdrawal of Cardassia. Wife: Miza Torvan, Writer (alive). Committed to Bajoran asylum.

Skrill collects rare plants, reads many genres of written work, and listens to the classic musical works of many cultures.

Personal traits:
Skrill is a very intelligent man. He is also very sly, clever, and personable. He has the ability to manipulate people well, though he seldom does. Good at figuring things out, he can often help others with their problems. He is an excellent liar, and also excellent at hiding his feelings.

He is friendly with others, but keeps his personal business to himself, and is a quasi-introvert.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion : Grey
Height : 5'11"
Weight: 135 Lbs
Hair length : Short.
Hair color : Black
Eye color : Black

Previous Occupations:
Skrill was a leading Cardassian botanist for about fourteen years. After the Dominion's withdrawal, Skrill became a "smuggler" for a little over a year before finally becoming the florist on Deep Space 9.

School Attended:
Attended the Baram Institute of Botany on Cardassia Prime from the age of six to the age of twenty-four.

Current Assignment:
- DS9 Station: Shop Owner.