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Personal History:
Born in D'alek, on the Klingon Home World, his family wasn't the most powerful house, but they weren't the weakest one either. His parents had always made him travel throughout space ever since he was young. During his last trip, he had come home to find his family murdered, and the last surviving member was his uncle. Just hanging on to his last breath, his uncle managed to secure him transport about a vessel, which was heading to a space station. He was handed a PADD with all the directions he needed to get to a dear friend of his on earth, and that Rokk will be staying with them for quite awhile. A few weeks after his parents murder, Rokk eventually made it to earth. The family he stayed with were the Taylor's, and raised him as if he was their own child. Although he was very happy, the death of his parents always nagged at him. When he was accepted into the Academy at 17, he had the necessary resources he needed in order to find out at least some information. Though his search was very limited he did find out that his family was competing for power with a rival house.

His family did have more wealth than the Rogg house, and because of their wealth, his family was going to rise higher than the Rogg house. However after the death of his family, the Rogg house rose to power, and their wealth seemed to have doubled overnight. For his information, this was all he needed to get revenge for his family, which will be someday for him.

All deceased, were murdered on the Klingon Home World, only known suspect to Rokk is the Rogg House back on his planet.

Various styles of Human Martial Arts. Although he has studied Klingon Martial Arts, and a few others from different races, he has more fun with Human Martial Arts. Ancient earth culture, as well has Wrestling, which he likes to participate in on the holodeck.

Personal traits:
Has definite Klingon tendencies. Once he was orphaned at 12 years old, the Taylor family on earth adopted him, and Rokk picked up a lot of human qualities. Even though he is hot tempered, he has managed to control in much better thanks to his new family. Rokk completed the Klingon Para-Military Academy on the holodeck, but is not recognized since it is not real, but cannot go back home to do the training as of yet, not until he can get justice for his family. Rokk values friendship as much as honor, and is an extremely hard working, and wants nothing but to succeed in whatever he does in life. Has not been in Star Fleet for very long (10 years), most of that was at Starfleet Academy which he had went back to do Advanced courses, but what he has shown is very promising, and a lot of people, including his instructors at the Academy, believe that he is going to go far within Star Fleet.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion : Dark
Height : 6'9"
Weight: 270 Lbs
Hair length : Shaved head, except for a pony tale at the back.
Hair color : Black
Eye color : Brown

Starfleet History:
Major Area of Study : Security and Tactical.
Minor Area of Study : Command and Engineering.

School Attended:
Had private tutors until he was 17, which was when he Joined Starfleet Academy.

Current Assignment:
- DS9 Station: Position: Security Officer. Rank: Ensign.

Previous Assignment(s):
- Cadet Cruise : USS Dreadnaught.
- USS Trenton: Position: Security Officer. Rank: Ensign