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Name: Jake McLeod
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position: Chief Tactical Officer
Age: 27
Race: Human/Recovered Borg
Place of Birth: Deneb IV Mining Colony, 130km South of Farpoint station (Hot Region)
Home Planet: Deneb IV
Current assignment: DS9 Station, Chief Tactical Officer

Personal History:
When Jake was a young child he was happy and well off enough at Deneb IV. He had a seemingly normal life and had his friends at school like any other child. Although during an exam it was found that due to odd genetic mutations his central nervous system and auto-immune system was different from a typical human, although the doctors couldn’t tell exactly how, Jake just never seemed to get sick.

This went on for some time until Jake came home one day and saw his mother crying like he had never seen anyone cry before. He dropped his Data Pad from school, ran over to her and lifted her up to a sit from her slouching position. She had been informed that Mr. McLeod had been killed in a mining accident in the Deuterium Mines where he worked. A plasma cutting torch power conduit had ruptured during an equipment malfunction and had caused severe burns and neurological damage.

After a short grieving period the family made arrangements for Jake and his mother to move to Earth and join her parents in an old family business, an international restaurant. But on their way to Earth the convoy came under attack from an Orion Pirate strike force (house unknown). So with that McLeod has had an almost burning hatred for all pirates.

At 14 years old Jake was sent to live with his grandparents (fathers parents). On a desert colony called New Phoenicia (after the desert city of Phoenix, Arizona) he was brought up in another desert. After 4 years of final rest and peace the Borg attacked in response to a major fleet movement in the area and took the colony. Jake was nearly assimilated but his nervous and immune system that remained a mystery for all these years resisted the removal of his control and thought… although it took a lot of medical work and fighting on his part to finally get back to himself he never actually completely connected to the collective. So unlike most he never learned much about the Borg from the connection as 7 of 9 and Captain Picard did. But he kept all of the physical enhancements (memory, strength, agility, and regeneration to a lesser degree). He took Borg studies later as he found it necessary seeing his background.

After this he was kind of stayed away from by most people so he didn’t bother socializing with them most of the time unless he thought it was worth it, making people think he was kind of a loner. But on the contrary, Jake welcomes company provided it’s worth the time. Other than what’s been shown he retains a few of the physical implants on his face, has remaining dermal patches on his torso and hands but is quite human.

After this Jake was old enough to be on his own at 19 years old, so he submitted his school records to Starfleet Academy. Showing high proficiencies in Leadership, Physical Education, after school athletics, and a preference for recreation in holo-combat simulations they immediately accepted and put him into tactical and security training. Cadet McLeod seemed to be a combat and tactical prodigy. He was even a bit of an outcast amongst his instructors because he kept beating them at tactical training and hand-to-hand (all that time training at Deneb IV in the Holodeck really paid off, not to mention the implants).

During his junior year at the Academy Jake decided to just follow his “warrior path” as some Klingon Exchange students dubbed his course. In this he took up weapons research and development and being a warrior learned all he could about Klingon culture (language, fighting style, even opera and battle cries). With this his new friends from the Klingon group and tactical cadets called him the “veSpuqloD” “Son of War”. (Reference- old little-known Klingon myth having to do with a descendant of Kahless). But being the “Son of War” that he was, he only had basic grasps of medical, engineering, and scientific concepts (outside of what he knew for weapons research).

After graduation his grandparents (mother’s parents) got him a cat like he had wanted when he was a child. For this gift he named his cat Sammy (after the grandfather). (Picture of cat can be acquired upon request of private files from Jake McLeod.) After graduation Jake immediately applied for a tactical and R&D position on board the U.S.S. Thunderchild NCC-63549 (Akira Class).

Captain John Daniels read McLeod’s record and immediately granted him the position. Within two years McLeod had been made second in command of security and tactical. Upon the second Borg incursion the USS Thunderchild had been deployed with the intercept fleet and in the fight the Chief Tactical/Security Officer had been killed and Jake was temporarily promoted and was able to keep the phasers in a varied modulation for most of the battle in effect doing significant damage to the Borg’s outer hull. In doing so he was promoted to Chief permanently but left shortly after to take up a place at Starfleet Tactical for yet another Weapons R&D assignment. (Works accomplished can be acquired on request of research files) After remaining there for one year he missed the space life and transmitted his records and request of transfer to an assignment closer to his skill and liking and awaited further instructions.

After serving on the now destroyed USS Pegasus and recently recalled USS Armada, McLeod was assigned to Starbase 514 for a deep space research assignment away from known Starfleet facilites, just recently McLeod has been offered a life on the field once more, and Starfleet is re-offering him a new position after his performance on the Armada. McLeod has yet to decide…

In reviewing his records before his transfer one of the assignment officers noticed common occurrences of combat related stress. Jake was ordered to take three months of counseling to ensure he was fit for duty after being in combat on an off for three years and then settling down in R&D and teaching. Since DS9 appeared to be one of his more likely assignments

Mother: Sarah McLeod (Lost later in move to Earth and was killed by Orion Pirate Commandos during transport and convoy raid)
Father: John McLeod (Lost in mining accident when a plasma torch malfunctioned and exploded.
Grandparents: Samuel and Kathryn Kelly (Mothers Parents) raised him after parents death. Richard and Amanda McLeod (Fathers Parents) Killed in Borg Raid

Hobbies :
Just about anything combat and military in relation. Jakes family has an extensive military service history, if they didn’t go career of some sort they had a short service to do their “time” so it comes naturally to him. Physical fitness training, weapons marksmanship, weapons R&D, hand to hand/melee combat, tactics, strategy, etc.

Personal traits :
Interesting note about his Borg implants they are in the typical placement but they have a Federation/Starfleet color scheme (Blue and Silver in color) since the technology didn’t get a real connection to the collective it was a bit more flexible in comparison to regular Borg systems. Second note, since the technology never reached it full capacity and never seated its full regeneration capacities and neurological domination a regeneration alcove is not required. In effect Jake possesses most Borg enhancements but to a lesser degree than most drones. Due to the experience Jake has personal and internal issues with the Borg (as could be expected), he can hear their “whispers” when they or their technology is present. After periods of extreme stress (such as highly intense combat) he has been known to wake up in “disturbed states.” Not as a harm to others but such symptoms as momentary disorientation or waking up nervous in cold sweats.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion: Fair with implants
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220 Lbs
Hair length: Short (Military fashion)
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue

Starfleet History:
Major Area of Study: Combat Operations
Minor Area of Study: Military Etiquette and Protocol.
Cadet Cruise: -Various SF Marine transports, and a ground assault during a pirate raid counter offensive

Previous Assignment(s):
-Starfleet Tactical Operations
-Starfleet Research and Development, Combat Systems R&D
-3 Month period of counseling (in relation to combat stress and evaluation to return to duty)
-USS Pegasus, NCC-xxxxx Chief of Security/Tactical
-USS Armada, NCC-83719 Chief of Security/Tactical, later promoted to XO

Current Assignment:
- DS9 Station, Awaiting departmental placement.

Schools Attended :
Numerous Tactical and Military Schools and training sessions during his cadet and his early Starfleet years directly after high school.