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Personal History:
Grew up on one of the federation colonies on the Krios system, at an early age he was intrigued about Starfleet rules and their adventures and dreamed and aspired to become such legends as Captain James Kirk, Captain Picard, Commander Worf, Spock and Capt. Benjamin Sisko and Captain Janeway. During his academy days he breezed through every academy course except on his senior year his dissertation failed, though not his fault, he carried this burden until he graduated at starfleet academy at the age of 20 and among top 20 percent from his class. Rick has a brother and a sister both of which is still in the academy his brother at his second year and sister first year.

Father: Lt. Commander Carl Hunter. Deceased. He was an engineer who worked for the Utopia Planitia Shipyards and part of the team which designed the starfleet advanced weapons program. Mother: Marina Kim. Archaeologist of good standing at New Alaska Archaeology Centrum. Brother: Michael Hunter. In his 2nd year academy Cadet. Sister: Sarah Hunter. In her 1st year Academy cadet.

Model Making, Hoverball, Table Tennis, and occasional drinking sprees during his free time with klingon friends. His second love was Archaeologist and History particulary early 20th century earth, Vulcan and Klingon histories

Personal traits:
Hardworking, friendly, sense of duty, man of principles.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair length: Short
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown

Starfleet History:
Major Area of Study: Command.
Minor Area of Study: Security, Tactical.
Cadet Cruise: USS Protector, Con Officer/Security/OPS.

Previous Assignment(s):
- DS9 Station. Position: Security officer. Rank: Ensign.

Current Assignment:
- DS9 Station. Position: Chief Science Officer. Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Schools Attended:
- New Alaska Secondary Academy
- Starfleet Academy.