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Personal History:
Growing up surrounded by the ghosts, real and imagined, of Scotland and the UK, Brianag Grainne Gormal decided early in her life to study the intricacies of conflict and violence. Her driving focus from childhood has been to understand and mitigate the causes and effects of conflict.

Father - Ailean Artagan Gormal, Ambassador. Mother - Sorcha Fionnaghal Gormal, Scientist. Brothers - twins Bran & Cailean age 20; Catan age 17; Fionntan age 14, Gabhran age 12. Sisters - Una age 14, Ceana age 12.

Gormal enjoys holodeck adventures, particularly those with a historical line. She also enjoys horseback riding, swimming, and combat training on or off the holodeck. She studies ancient history, anthropology, and archaeology of many planets and species. Fond of a form of Old Earth music called "Swing", Gormal plays the piano and the clarinet, as well as the Celtic harp, flute, and the pipes (traditional bagpipes).

Personal traits:
A true Scot, Brianag Grainne Gormal has always had to work very diligently to control her somewhat fiery temper. Years of constant self-monitoring have given Gormal a sense of control that can be more frightening or awe-inspiring than an actual outburst of temper in other people. Surprisingly, although highly strung, Gormal has proven to be quite effective in high stress situations requiring mediation.

Generally quiet, Gormal is often seen as introspective, reserved, or withdrawn. This misconception is often to her advantage and she allows, if not encourages, others to make the assumption that she is not an active participant in many situations. Counselors involved in her Cadet Screening process often noted that Gormal appears to have a natural ability to convey whatever nonverbal cues are necessary to resolve a situation. "Whether instilling a sense of peace and trust on conflicting parties or generating an inner force which allows her to carry out her designated mission, Gormal has the innate reactivity that is generally only seen in the high-psi species.

She appears capable of switching from the calming, non-threatening persona of a trained Betazoid counselor to the no-holds-barred, immediate physical violence of a Klingon warrior in full battle-readiness in the blink of an eye, and to make that persona obvious and believable to any and all persons as necessary, regardless of their own psi ability or awareness. Gormal shows no signs of psychological instability, possessing instead a control of her physical-emotional state that is uncommon in a human of her age." (Cadet Psychology Review, 2nd Year) Gormal can socialize quickly and effectively when necessary, but forms attachments slowly. Her friendship is hard-won and, once gained, is all but invincible. Her loyalty is fierce, and retribution for betrayal is often swift and unrelenting, but never unexpected. Gormal has difficulty with anything that requires duplicity or deceit on a personal level, but is quite capable of them in the line of duty. "Cadet Gormal could quite conceivably sell a shipload of tribbles to the Klingons and make them glad they got a great deal." (Cadet Leader Review, 3rd Year).

Despite her intense loyalty, Gormal has difficulty in forming close relationships, particularly on a romantic level.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair length: Short
Hair color: Copper-Auburn
Eye color: Grey

Starfleet History:
Major Area of Study: Security and Tactical Operations.
Minor Area of Study: Inter-Species Psychology.
Extracurricular Studies: History, Anthropology of Species, Archaeology and Command.

Entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 18, immediately following her secondary level (high school) graduation.

Pre-Starfleet Education:
Primary: The Compass School, Peebles Division, age 4-12.
Secondary: Peebles High, age 12-16. Scored in top 9% in NQs, top 6% in Standard. Placed well in Higher exams, age 16-18.
Starfleet Academy: age 18-22; first applied at age 17, accepted the following year. Dual Major in Security and Tactical, Minor in Inter-Species Studies. Graduated at age 22.

Previous Assignment(s):
- Cadet Cruise: N/A
- USS Searcher. Yeager Class Scout. Rank: Ensign. 6 month Tactical training rotation.
- USS Insurgence. Prometheus Class Attack Cruiser. Rank: Ensign. Position: Security Officer. 8 month rotation.
- USS Exodus. Ambassador Class Explorer. Rank: Ensign. Position: Tactical Security Specialist.

Current Assignment:
- DS9 Station/USS Pendragon. Rank: Ensign. Position: Security Officer.