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Name: Shadow Lamb
Rank: Ensign
Position(s): Security Officer
Age: 32
Race: Human
Place of birth: Earth
Home planet: Earth
Current assignment: DS9 Camelot/U.S.S. Pendragon

Personal History: 
After he was born, his mother died from complications that happened during the birth. His father was in the military so his grand parents raised him until he was 16 years old after which he was sent to live with his father who was stationed on a military base on earth.

He took his first space travel at the age of 19 as part of a training course he was in. During this studying he became interested in the Starfleet security and fulfilled his dream of becoming a security officer at the age of 23.

His mother died after giving birth to him.  His father died during his service, in one of the military hospitals.

Hobbies: Trains in many styles of martial arts, studies weaponry from various planets, and likes to spend time alone with a good book.

Personal traits:
He is a easy going guy, gets along with just about anybody. Seems to have a slight temper at times, but is a very hard worker and seems to be very honest and loyal to his post and chain of comand.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion: Fair
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 265 Lbs
Hair length: Shoulder length
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown

Starfleet History:
Major Area of Study: Security.
Minor Area of Study: N/A.

Previous Assignment(s):
- None.

Current Assignment:
- DS9 Station. Security Officer aboard the station. Current rank is Ensign.

Schools Attended: