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Personal History:
Benjamin Pierce was born in the town of Crabapple Cove, Main, Earth. His family lived there for centuries. As a doctor's son he too became interested in the world of medicine. Although his father intended for him to take over the family practice, Benjamin joined Starfleet after getting his MD. His father was disappointed, but respected his son's choice.

After graduating at the Academy, Benjamin Pierce got his first assignment at starbase 358.Soon it became clear that ,because of his colorful personality, the starbase wasn't the place to be for him. After a transfer request he got an assignment at the USS Endeavor NCC 34668(Galaxy class). Although the senior officer didn't approve his drinking and his lack of discipline,they also saw in him an competent Medical Officer.

After one year cruising with the crew of the Endeavor, his assignment came to an abrupt end when the ship and his crew got attacked and assimilated by the Borg. Benjamin and a handful of junior officers managed to escape in Benjamin's private shuttle Hawkeye. After cruising the galaxy for two weeks the fatigued crew got picked up by the USS Sentinel NCC 75389 (Intrepid class). Benjamin Pierce got a temporary position of Medical Officer after heavy counseling relieved him from his trauma. Now fully fit to work again, Starfleet assigned him a position at Deep space 9.

Father: Dr .Benjamin Franklin Pierce, senior MD. Location: Crabapple Cove, Maine, Earth. Mother: Anne Pierce, deceased Siblings: One sister: Dr. Suzy Pierce MD. Location: Crabapple Cove,Maine. Earth.

Programming holograms, practical joking, brewing his own Martinis, dating.

Personal traits:
Benjamin Pierce isn't a fine example of a starfleet officer. He is a womanizer, drinks a lot, likes to commit pranks and doesn't respect rank. However he has his heart on the right place and he takes his work very serious. His friends like him for that.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion: White
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 177 lbs
Hair length: Short
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey
* Due his traumatic experience, Benjamin Pierce is claustrophobic.

Starfleet History:
Major Area of Study: Medical.
Minor Area of Study: Science.
Cadet Cruise: USS Hippocrates, NCC 13000 (Medical ship).

Previous Assignment(s):
- Starbase 358 -Served one year as Medical Officer.
- USS Endeavour NCC 34668 -Served one year as Medical Officer.
- USS Sentinel NCC 75389 - Served two years as Medical Officer.

Current Assignment:
- DS9 Station. Rank: Ensign. Position: Medical Officer.

Schools Attended:
- Starfleet Academy.