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Personal History:
Born onboard the USS Galiant, Thomas was expected to be another fine Starfleet officer. His Family had a proud history of many fine Starfleet Officers. Thomas was forced by his father to enter into Starfleet Academy, his first day didn't go well. Thomas got into a fight with a half human, half klingon cadet, who had accused him of only making it to the academy due to his fathers rank (Admiral). Thomas spent much of his second day in sick bay, with two broken ribs, a dislicated jaw, and a stunning black eye.

After Tom's graduation, he was posted onboard the USS Lexington an Excelsior class starship. He loved flying the "old girl" as he called it, and soon earned the recognition of being a very good pilot. Three years later Tom was posted to the USS Intrepid, everyone who knew him thought that Tom would love his new ship. However Thomas never showed up for duty, and dispite many attempts to find him, Tom would not seen for seven more years. Tom was finally found close death on board an Orion frieghter, along with one other dead Orion. According to Starfleet security records Tom had been unknowingly smuggling contraband, for a group of Orion Traders. Unfortunatly an unknown ship attacked the Orion frieghter, killing the Orion (Tamanamos) and leaving Tom in critical condition. The family of Tamanamos have blamed Tom for his death, and have made an oath to kill Tom. They are believed behind the bombing of two of Tom's former residents.

Father: Admiral James Theodore Archer. Location: Starfleet Command, Earth. Mother: Elizabeth Ann Archer, Proffessor of Medical Science. Location: Starfleet Academy, Earth. Brother: Captain Theodore Archer, XO. Location: USS Prometheus. Sister: Lt. Commander Helen Amy Archer, Helm Officer. Location: USS Exeter.

Swimming, Martial Arts, weapons, chess, aquiring profit and the Bajoran Orbs.

Personal traits:
He seems like a quiet guy to those who don't know him, being a Trader (smuggler) tends to have trust issues. He is always looking over his shoulder. But He is good, trust worty and honorable to his close friends. This is not the kind of person you would want as your enemy. But he is certainly someone you want as a close friend.

Physical Traits and Medical History:
Complexion: Fair.
Height: 6'1".
Weight: 209 lbs.
Hair length: Short.
Hair color: Light Brown.
Eye color: Green.

Starfleet History:
Major Area of Study: Helm.
Minor Area of Study: Command.
Cadet Cruise: None.

Previous Assignment(s):
- USS Lexington NCC 14427 - Served Three Years as Helm Officer, was Promoted to Lt.Jr Grade.
- USS Intrepid NCC 74600 - Never showed up for duty.

Current Assignment:
- No official Assignment with Starfleet. Shop owner: Alpha Arts and Antiques.

Schools Attended:
- Starfleet Academy.